Ken Hagan

Ken Hagan’s interest in Viking history goes back to reading the Icelandic sagas and visits to Viking-age graves in Norway and Sweden. It may also have some connection with his distant ancestry, the family surname Hagan being derived from a common Norse name Hakon.


While studying languages and linguistics at Trinity College Dublin, he was Arts Editor of the renowned college newspaper, Trinity News, and regularly reviewed productions at Dublin’s many theatres, while also acting and directing in undergraduate productions on campus.


Since then he has had a successful career in corporate management, including assignments in the Middle East, but has always maintained his interest in writing and drama, and is now fulfilling a long-held ambition to write his own Viking saga, a trilogy entitled Viking Odyssey.


Ken lives in Lancashire and enjoys fell-walking in the local countryside with his wife and family. He spent almost a decade as a volunteer in the UK Prison Service in a counselling and pastoral role, but now devotes his time to writing.



World English Language digital: Endeavour Press.  June 2017.


Forged in Blood (Book 2 of Viking Odyssey) continues the saga begun in Forged in Ice.

The year is 960 AD.  While in exile in Erinland, 21-year-old Kregin joins Einar’s ship the Hrafentyr as one of his brother’s harrier crew.  But soon events conspire to cause Einar to disown him, and he soon becomes Kregin's sworn enemy.


  • World English Language: Endeavour Press, November 2015 (available from and
  • German language: Piper Verlag, autumn 2016

In 950 AD, a few families set sail from Norway for faraway Iceland.  But within sight of the island, a violent storm robs Kregin of his entire family, throwing him into a new life very different from the one he expected.


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