Thorne Moore

Thorne Moore is the author of Shadows (Endeavour Press, 2017), The Unravelling (Honno Press, 2016), Motherlove (Honno Press, 2015) and A Time for Silence (Honno Press, 2012).  A Time for Silence was a finalist for the People’s Book Prize in 2013, and reached number 9 in The Bookseller Official E-Book Sales Rankings in June 2014.


Thorne grew up in Luton, studied history at Aberystwyth University and has lived in Pembrokeshire in Wales since 1983, where she ran a restaurant with her sister, before moving to an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere to make miniature furniture for collectors and to write. She obtained a law degree through the Open University, but resisted the lure of a career in law in favour of life as an author.


In her novels, Thorne is primarily concerned with the causes and far-reaching consequences of criminal actions on families, even through generations. Her latest novel, Shadows, is set in an atmospheric old house on the Pembrokeshire coast and is a haunting exploration of the dark side of people and landscape.


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