Further submission guidelines

Covering e-mail

We would like to know a little about who you are and your background (full CV not required!) Do include any facts that are relevant to your script; for example, if your book is set in a place where you have lived, then by all means do mention that.  If you are a published author, please provide details.


[If you are writing non-fiction, explain what it is that qualifies you to write on your subject, whether it is a professional qualification or other experience, knowledge or expertise.  We are not currently seeking non-fiction proposals - please do not send these.]



For fiction, include a brief outline of the set-up of the story and what genre it is.  A short summary (a few paragraphs, certainly no more than a page) of the plot is enough – we do not need a blow-by-blow account of every twist and turn of the story. For non-fiction, please include an outline of the basic premise of the book, what sort of readership it is intended for and list of topics covered. 


First three chapters

This is exactly what we need to see initially. Please don’t send three random chapters, even if you think they are your best ones! If we consider that your synopsis and three sample chapters have potential, we will ask you to send further material at that stage.



Frequently asked questions:


Can I submit to more than one agency at a time?  Yes, but please let us know in your covering email whether you are submitting to us exclusively or not.


How long will you take to get back to me? The agency receives a large number of submissions, so please be patient. Depending on the volume of material under consideration, it can take up to 12 weeks for us to get back to you.


Do you charge a reading fee?  No.


Will you give me feedback on my script?  We might give you some general feedback but, due to time constraints, cannot give detailed analysis of rejected scripts. 







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