Judy Leigh


Judy Leigh completed an MA in Professional Writing at Falmouth University in 2015, leaving her career of 20 years as an Advanced Skills teacher of Theatre Studies. She has had several stories published in magazines, including The Feminist Wire, The Purple Breakfast Review and You is for University.  She has also worked as a music journalist and writes a monthly column in the Torbay Times.


She has trained as a Reiki healer, written a vegan recipe blog, and set up a series of Shakespeare Festivals to enable young people to perform the Bard's work on stage.


She now lives in the rural South West with her partner and three cats. When she is not writing, she enjoys travelling abroad and going to watch theatre and live music.


Judy has been signed up by HarperCollins' Avon imprint for two novels, the first of which, A Grand Old Time, will be published in April 2018.



Evie Gallagher is regretting her hasty move into a Dublin care home. She may be seventy-five and recently widowed, but she’s absolutely not dead yet.

And so, one morning, while the rest of Sheldon Lodge is asleep, Evelyn walks out the front door and never looks back. So begins a road trip that will take Evie first to Liverpool, then on to Brittany, where she buys a camper van and heads south on a Great Adventure.

But not everyone thinks Great Adventures are appropriate for women of Evie’s age, least of all her son Brendan and his wife Maura, who set off in pursuit, following a trail of puzzling text messages.

But when Brendan and Maura finally catch up with Evie, there are shocks in store for all of them … because while Brendan may have given up on life and love, Evie Gallagher certainly has not.

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